On The Fire’s Shameless Free Beer Promotion a Complete and Utter Success

We promised and we delivered. As many of you loyal readers know, last week On The Fire HQ approved a bold publicity stunt to promote this fine blog and reward its fans for their support and endearing love. And to everyone’s surprise (especially us) it worked! What happened? Well, take a look:

From left to right: @srgiago gives his signature one-gun salute to the New England Revolution while @manonthefire97 and @Kreegs4THP enjoy a cold one on the concourse at Toyota Park. 8.18.12

That’s right folks, On The Fire‘s faithful answered the call. @srgiaco and @Kreegs4THP were the first two followers to re-tweet last week’s edition of “Firemen in the Tweet-o-sphere”. As a result of their efforts (and our generosity) new friends were made, beers were enjoyed, and most importantly the Fire beat New England. On The Fire HQ is so pleased with the result of Scott’s venture into strangerland that it plans to provide funding for this fan service program for the remainder of the 2012 season!

So dear readers, stay tuned. Free beers (or soft drinks/popcorn for our minor faction) will once again be on offer for the Houston match on Sunday, September 2nd!

P.S. – A special shout out to @SinglesClub_Chi for coming by to chat as well!

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