“Flag-gate”: Why Doesn’t Sporting KC Believe in Reciprocity?

About a week ago, On The Fire inserted itself into a Twitter debate between Section 8 Chicago and The KC Cauldron (SKC’s supporters group) regarding Sporting Kansas City’s unwillingness to let Fire fans traveling with Section 8 bring flags into DopeStrong park at the end of September…

What is the controversy you ask? Well, check out this WONDERFUL piece by Chicago Fire team writer Jeff Crandall: http://www.chicago-fire.com/blog/post/2012/08/28/feartheflag


Jeff’s piece (while comprehensive, authoritative, and well-argued) is missing what I feel is a key ingredient in the mix: the indignant, self-important, and snarky attitude of the KC Cauldron. The following twitter exchange between them and Section 8 is Exhibit A:

I’ll leave it up to you dear reader to leave a comment and insert a word in the following sentence: “KC Cauldron are a bunch of ____________”

So Fire fans, do your duty and heed Jeff’s call to arms! Tweet your feelings on this matter to Sporting KC, its owner, and the Cauldron.  On The Fire will be On The Bus at the end of September, and we want to wave our Fire flag HIGH!


Three cheers to Jeff Crandall and all of the fans who tweeted SKC owner Robb Heinemann and the KC Cauldron. They saw the light because they know we are right!

2 thoughts on ““Flag-gate”: Why Doesn’t Sporting KC Believe in Reciprocity?

  1. Why do they care if you bring in flags? If they don’t want the place filled w/Chicago Fire stuff, then they should just buy tons of tickets and be loud.

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