Fire Training Notes with R.D. III: 9.20.12

El Capitan Logan “Wolverine” takes a Pause during training. (Photo:

What’s up Fire Nation? Like you, the Men in Red are gearing up for Saturday night’s war vs. Cowlumbus Poo. It’s gonna be standing room only, so if you haven’t already, get your tickets now! 

Anyway, today we’re pleased as punch to bring you the first of what we hope will be a regular piece by our Roving Reporter Roberto Diaz, a.k.a. R.D. III. Roberto was out at Toyota Park this morning for a training session. Here’s the inside dope…

Thursday’s was a very light practice with emphasis on movement and touches.  The boys had a quick warm up, played a game that was half-football and half-soccer, and then enjoyed a small tournament of “Fut-tennis” (tennis with a soccer ball). Total training time: 1hr. 20min. Coach Leo Percovich told On The Fire that Friday will be the more difficult, physical practice.

The General Pavel Pardo did not practice today. I didn’t get a chance to ask anyone about his status for Saturday, but my guess is Klopas gave him another day off to rest his hammy. And it was a light practice anyway.

Arne Friedrich looked fine. Ze German exhibited unrestricted head/neck movement in the fut-tennis game and told On The Fire he’s is ready to go against the Crew.

Wells Thompson is truly a nice guy! After practice, he had a conversation with fellow new Fire Man Guillermo Franco in Spanish, which was quite awesome to behold. Wells also came up to us journos to say hello. The two newest players seemed to get along quite well, as they walked back to the locker room together conversing amicably. But they’re not yet holding hands.

Franco told On The Fire that his Visa is not in yet, so he remains unavailable for selection. However, the El Tri veteran is excited to contribute and has settled in well. Guille remarked that it’s easy to fit in when everyone has the same goal and is on the same page. What is the goal you ask? 60 points and MLS Cup baby.

On The Fire friend and the most underrated player in MLS Daniel Paladini said his calf is fine. #11 expects to be in the match day 18 vs. Columbus.

Overall, a welcome and positive atmosphere was palpable at training on Thursday. The boys seem to be on the same page and getting along well.  And as we know, good chemistry on the practice field and in the locker room is an essential ingredient for success.

Until next time Fire Nation, this is R.D.III signing off. I’ll catch you on the flipside.

– Roberto Diaz is a full-time Fire fan and part-time lady killer from Chicago’s South Side. Follow and tweet him @nu12no

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