Get on the #FireBus!

Can’t make it to Kansas City this Friday? Upset that you must miss a road trip of epic proportions? No worries! As usual, On The Fire‘s got you covered!

On Friday morning, I’m packin’ up my flag, fillin’ up my flask, and hittin’ the road with Section 8 on the #FireBus! On The Fire has set up a very special hashtag for this very special event. Beginning Friday morning around 8am, a unique virtual experience will be there for your taking. Follow me, the boys, and the girls while we proudly ride to Dopestrong Sporting Park and show a national television audience WHO’S THE BEST!

Get on your Twitter machine, follow and tweet #FireBus, and get in on the road action both before and after La Maquina Roja takes first place! Tune in while Scott provides live tweet coverage of the goings on aboard the #FireBus. And ask yourself, where else can you get such low-cost (and low-brow) entertainment? Answer: Nowheresville (which is exactly where we’ll be traveling to and through on Friday).

Now, I’ve got plenty of experience with mind-numbingly long bus rides. I was in the Peace Corps after all. But, this is my maiden voyage with a bus full of soccer supporters. So, as you might imagine, like most first-timers my imagination’s been running wild in anticipation of the journey. In fact, I often fantasize about how the trip would be if I was the captain of our wheeled ship…

For example, if I had it my way, the accommodations would be as such…

And as much as I love them, it wouldn’t be filled with soccer supporters…the male versions at least.

Dare to dream. @srgiaco’s drivin’.

And for posterity’s sake, I might rock this little cutie across the Mighty Missisip’ and over the Big Muddy…

A fine piece of machinery.

But, I’m not a AAA member, nor a mechanic, so that wouldn’t be prudent.

But seriously, if things turn out how I imagine they might, the trip will probably look something like this

Bring your helmets and flak jackets.

I kid I kid. I expect a police presence much smaller than this. We’re not that important, and this ain’t Italia. Now dear reader, for the sake of your entertainment, I’ve officially pissed off that one supporter who takes his job waaay too seriously. You’re welcome.

Devoid of any sense of humor, once he ties on that scarf and enters the bus, he’s gonna be lookin’ for me — the smart-ass blogger who decided to invade and soil his holy realm. So you ask, what might that look like? Well, perhaps something like this:

In case you were wondering, that’s Scott sitting up front. Any offensive linemen out there got a helmet he can borrow?  How about a Cowboy Collar? A neck roll perhaps?

So dear reader, this Friday On The Fire will risk life and limb to bring you coverage of what goes down on the road as MLS’s most dedicated, loving, enthusiastic, handsome, and intelligent fans ride to and from Dopestrong Sporting Park to support your Men in Red and bring home first place. Live vicariously through us both before and after the match. Follow and tweet #FireBus!

Glory awaits! It’ll be one for the ages…

P.S. – In case you were unaware,

#FireBus = #EpicGoodTimes

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