To Power Rank or Not to Power Rank? The Coda.

One last time. Would somebody get me some tissues please? (image:

To Power Rank or Not to Power Rank? For the last time in 2012, this is the question.

It’s an abbreviated answer however, as four of our usual suspects have withdrawn for the year., Soccer By Ives, Soccer America, and NBC Sports Pro Soccer Talk decided to let the playoff seedings speak for themselves apparently. But hey, five stalwart, dependable rankers are still with us, so let’s take a look at what they have to say about the Chicago Fire for one last time; in Power Ranking form that is… 


Chicago Fire Aggregate Power Ranking = 8.0 (down from 6.0)

ESPN FC #8 “The Fire haven’t looked that impressive down the stretch, especially now that teams are daring anyone besides Chris Rolfe to beat them. Chicago will open the playoffs at home to Houston in what should be a very tight affair.” I’ve got two words for you: Guille Franco. Would somebody get me my meds please? #8 “If the Fire were clinical in front of the net, they’d probably be No. 3 on this list, but the 1-1 draw vs. United highlighted a disturbing trend of wasting chances. It’s seen them post just one win in their last four, and get relegated to the Knockout Round. The good news, though, is that they get to host it, and that they’re finally fully fit.” If the Fire were clinical in front of the net they’d be in first place, have a CCL birth, and perhaps a Supporters’ Shield. Oh what an “if”. Pass me that bottle, would ya?

BS Nation #8 “The Fire wasted chance after chance against DC United and paid for it. Instead of being #2 seed, we now have a 1 game play-in for our playoff lives against the Dynamo on Wednesday. If the Fire want to go far, they have to figure out how to consistently put scoring opportunities into the net.” Hot Time In Old Town: Masters of the Obvious. Anybody got a Valium I can pop? #8 “Can the Fire find a way to slide past Houston if Sherjill MacDonald and Chris Rolfe aren’t providing the necessary incisiveness in the final third?” I don’t know Kyle McCarthy. You tell me. Gimme that bong. Now.

Fox Soccer #8 “The past two weeks have really put a dent in the Fire’s postseason ambitions. Can this group respond with a professional performance against Houston to set up an intriguing battle with Sporting Kansas City?” Ah, more questions no one can answer. Wait. How about I give it a go? Maybe. Where’s my nitrous tank at?

The Composite Table

Is what you’ve just read fair relative to the actual standings? I’d say an unqualified yes. There’s no way in hell the Fire are better than LA and Seattle right now. In fact, I’d rank them ninth. That’s some tough love.  Have a look yourself:

The table is set. Thanks one last time to

And so the slide finally comes to a halt; power rankings-wise that is. When was the last time Chicago’s aggregate power ranking was this low? August 11th, when Klopas and company were 10-7-5.

Where do you rank the Men in Red right now?

Leave a power ranking for the Fire and a comment below. Join the fray and make your voice heard!

What do you think?

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