Ja! Ja! Ja! Willkommen zurück!!! (photo: bz-berlin.de)

YES! Chicago Fire re-signed German World Cup veteran defender Arne Friedrich this morning. 

With this encouraging sign from their club’s front office, Fire fans can now look forward to the continued partnership of the “A-Team” centerback duo – Austin & Arne. And perhaps even more exciting is the possibility that Ze German will be named Fire captain next season.

If you want to see Arne wear the armband, tweet #KapitanArne2013 and make your voice heard! And remember folks, there’s No Defense For Love…

Arne Friedrich:

“Next season we have to win something, and this is my goal…”

“The club is very professional.”

“The city is awesome. I like Chicago. I like the people here. They are so kind.”

“The fans were amazing [in 2012], and I would like to thank them as well for their support, and…I’m looking forward to next season.”

“[2013] will definitely be my last season, and then I will be done for my soccer career. But, I would like to enjoy the next season and I would like to finish my last season with a title.” In der Tat!

*UPDATE (via Jeff Crandall at Chicago-Fire.com):

“I’m satisfied to have extended my contract because I’ve had a great time so far in Chicago,” Friedrich told Chicago-Fire.com Thursday. “I don’t know what will happen after next season but I’m going to leave everything open. If we can work something out past 2013, I would never say no to staying with the Chicago Fire.

Oh my. That is positively titillating!

Arne Speaks

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