Chicago Fire Power Rankings: MLS Round Six

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OTF aggregates the power rankings each week to commiserate with the MLS pundits and get their thoughts on our Chicago Fire…


Round Six Aggregate = 17.1/19 (+1.9 from last week)

Soccer by Ives (15)

“Maicon Santos scored the winning goals for the Fire, but the play of Daniel Paladini was the real bright spot for the Fire. Perhaps even more encouraging was the performance turned in by a patchwork Chicago defense, that played without Arne Friedrich and Gonzalo Segares. The Fire still need Friedrich back to really make a push back up the standings, and the offense still has some question marks even after scoring three goals vs. the Red Bulls, such as whether Sherjill MacDonald is ever going to get going.” 

When the going gets tough, the tough get going! Who’s with me?! C’mon, let’s go, go, go! (this means you too Sherjill)

Bleacher Report (16) 

“Not many players can have as big an impact on a MLS game in such little time as Maicon Santos had on Sunday for the Fire. Santos came off of the bench in the 63rd minute to replace Sherjill MacDonald and in the final 10 minutes of the game, he delivered two goals to clinch the first victory of the season for Chicago. Dan Paladini also had a strong performance for the Fire by heading in the first Fire goal in the 44th minute and assisting on the first Santos goal.”

Danny also assisted on the third goal. But y’all probably wouldn’t know a direct free kick if it hit you upside the head, would y’all? Here’s some free advice, Bleacher Report: invest in a copy of Soccer for Dummies by Tom Dunmore & Scott Murray, then get back to us. You’re welcome.

Soccer America (17) 

“Two goals by well-traveled striker Maicon Santos, one of them set up by fellow goalscorer Daniel Paladini, sparked the Fire to its first victory, 3-1 over the Red Bulls. A Seattle-New York MLS Cup is looking less and less likely, even with seven more months of season to go. Tim Cahill nodded back a cross that Brandon Barklage relayed to Jamison Olave, whose spectacular overhead kick floated into the top corner. Otherwise, the Red Bulls were full value for their 3-1 thumping and refused to be inspired by Chris Rolfe’s missed penalty kick.” 

Seattle basura. Heh heh heh.

Speaking of Chris Rolfe, somebody please make a .gif of Klopas and Matkovich’s reaction after ‘Lil Chris missed his PK, and send it to OTF. We will use it. Agonizingly classic.

ESPN FC  (17)

“When Chris Rolfe missed a first-half penalty, it looked like another day of woe for the Fire. But a Daniel Paladini equalizer and two late goals from Maicon Santos gave Chicago a priceless 3-1 win over New York.” 

Priceless indeed. Or, for the 12,557 fans who bothered to show up, whatever they paid for their tickets. (18)

“One win might provide some much-needed relief for the beleaguered. True salvation, however, might require the return of Arne Friedrich sooner rather than later.” 

Two “mights” don’t make it right. Try omitting them. Now we’re dealing in reality Kyle McCarthy.

Sports Illustrated (18)

“Maicon Santos doesn’t always score, but when he does, he scores in bunches. The reserve forward helped Chicago to its first win while stopping the bleeding on what had been a confounding start to the campaign. The Fire won the midfield battle against New York, with Daniel Paladini and Jeff Larentowicz establishing stability to a place on the field where Chicago had struggled to gain a foothold.”

Striking Overlord Mike Sanders may not have the word “reserve” placed before his position and name much longer. Klopas must be looking for any excuse to bench MacDonald at this point. He may have found it. Jogo Bonito (18) 

“Time to buy Maicon Santos for your Fantasy teams, folks. He has one month per season in which he’s absolutely unstoppable, and if last weekend is any indication, April is it. With Arne Friedrich coming back soon as well, the Fire have a chance to make March’s agony a distant memory.” 

YES! Let’s hope the German healing power of therapist Thomas Fennewald emanates from Arne’s hamstring and permeates the entire squad. Alpine magic spray from the Bavarian mountains works wonders!

NBC Sports Pro Soccer Talk (18)

“One win was just enough to get Frank Klopas’ team off the bottom of the stack … but there’s still reason to be suspicious about this lot. The Fire needed two late goals from Maicon Santos off the bench in order to grab its first win of 2013 – and New York’s shoddy defending and goalkeeping had something to do with it. Still, a win’s a win. For now.”

C’mon Steve Davis, 

Believe in what your soccer heart is saying, 
Hear the Fire melody that’s playing.
There’s no time to waste, 
There’s one win to celebrate.
Believe in what we feel inside,
Give Fire Nation’s dreams the wings to fly.
We’ll have everything we need, if you just BELIEVE!

Who did we miss? If you know of other weekly MLS power rankings, send ’em our way and we’ll add ’em to the mix! 


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