Chicago Fire Power Rankings: MLS Round Ten

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Each week, OTF aggregates the power rankings and visits with the MLS pundits to see what they say about our Chicago Fire… 


Aggregate = 15.8/19 (+ 0.7 from last week)

ESPN FC  (13)

“With the weekend off, focus turned to retired midfielder Robbie Rogers, whose rights are held by the Fire. Manager Frank Klopas is keen to sign the former U.S. international, but Rogers has made it clear he wants to play elsewhere.”

Will Robbie get what Robbie wants? The Fire? MLS? Click here for our take.

Soccer America (14)

A bye week bump from Soccer America!

Sports Illustrated (14)

“The Fire were out of the spotlight on the field during their bye week but popped up in headlines off the field when Robbie Rogers essentially told ESPN Radio he would not play for the club if he elects to reverse course on his retirement. With other teams reportedly interested in Rogers’ services, Chicago is in an awkward position with Rogers’ rights, but it can at least take a look at the trade market and acquire necessary assets.”

Awkward? Not at all. If anything, Rogers is being a bit awkward. After all, why didn’t he simply keep his mouth shut? He may have made his life more difficult because he didn’t. Chicago holds the cards – and his rights. The rules are the rules are the rules.

Soccer by Ives (16)

“A week off should help the Fire, but if it doesn’t bring Arne Friedrich any closer to seeing the field then you wonder just how much. Chicago will get an up-close look at a defender they are considering as a replacement for Friedrich in Bakary Soumare, in a match that should also give Sherjill MacDonald plenty of motivation as he tries to hold on to a starting job that should be slipping away.”

Well, time off perhaps gave Frank Klopas some time to reevaluate his tactics. Perhaps. Regarding Sherjill “The Recliner” MacDonald, “should” is certainly the operative word. Too bad Maicon Santos is dealing with a hyper-extended knee. (16)

“Austin Berry ($63,425/$78,425): The reigning Rookie of the Year misses Arne Friedrich, but his performances over the past year-and-a-half far exceed his modest wages.”

Not sure what Berry’s salary has to do with the power rankings, but the MLS Players Union’s release of their salary numbers is this week’s big buzz.

Yahoo! Sports (17)

“Another team that had some extra time off, Chicago could use a gimme to end their roller coaster ways. Philly will, however, likely prove to be a challenge for the Fire.”

Agreed. Unlike last season, Philly’s no slouch.

NBC Sports Pro Soccer Talk (17)

“[They need to add somebody.] Chicago should be…better rested. Philadelphia visits Toyota Park on Saturday to face a side that has not played since April 27.”

Yeah. I’m not sure the extra rest will make a difference. (17)

“Badly needed the bye week – anything that gets Arne Friedrich closer to the field is good for this team. And they really need to figure out how to keep Logan Pause in the central midfield, because without him, their spacing – and their ability to win the second ball – completely falls apart.”

It doesn’t look like the bye week did anything to speed Ze German’s return. As much as I love him, at what point should a serious discussion begin about putting Arne Friedrich out to pasture? Seriously. And regarding Logan Pause, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Bleacher Report (18) 

“The Fire also had off this weekend, but unlike D.C., Frank Klopas’ club will play just one match next week on Saturday at home against Philadelphia.”

Ah, the inevitable comparison to the worst team in the league. Thanks Bleacher Report.

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