More Good News: Mike Magee to Fire

Hello, Mr. November. (photo:

Hello, Mr. November. (photo:

As if one big trade wasn’t enough, the Fire front office got more work done at the end of the week. Welcome back home Mike Magee!

First of all, let’s give credit where it’s due. The Fire front office deserves a round of applause for handling the Robbie Rogers saga patiently and professionally. For weeks, many naysayers thought Chicago had no leverage once Rogers declared he wouldn’t play for the Fire, or perhaps any other club aside from the Galaxy. Funny thing is though, those folks weren’t paying close enough attention.

Certainly, it was unlikely that Robbie would ever wear Fire red. But contrary to what many thought, it wasn’t a long shot that the Fire would get fair compensation for his MLS rights.

And thus enters Mike Magee. 

The 28-year-old forward/midfielder and hometown boy is headed back to the Windy City to join Bakary Soumare in a mission to turn Chicago Fire’s season around and give its fans hope that all is not lost.

I’m not going to get into the particulars, but I will say the following about the deal:

  • First, things are never as they seem when dealing in the murky, byzantine world of MLS intraleague transactions.
  • Second, contrary to conventional wisdom, the league does not always favor New York, or in this case, LA. In fact, with this deal, one might say it’s the opposite.
  • Third, Bruce Arena’s a great manager. As far as his ethics go though, let’s just say they’re questionable.
  • Fourth, Robbie Rogers got what he wanted, and so did the rest of us: He’s going to play again, in MLS, and in the place he feels most comfortable playing. This is a wonderful thing for him, the Galaxy, and the league.
  • Fifth, and most importantly for Fire fans, Chicago’s front office does care. In fact, it cares a lot. They’ve made mistakes, but the past 48 hours shows they’re willing to work to fix them. In sum, Chicago secured Dilly Duka, Mike Magee, and Bakary Soumare for Dominic Oduro, an average sum of allocation money, and a second-round pick. Not bad at all.

Magee’s arrival is great news. It’s a significant boost for the Fire. However, there is still much work to be done.

Currently, there are two empty roster slots. If Arne Friedrich retires, that will make three. Hopefully, Chicago will look to fill out its 30-man roster once the summer transfer window opens.

Certainly, Magee should provide the Fire with more offensive punch, but he’s not enough. Chicago still needs to bring in a  pure forward, a bonafide striker. In addition, they’ll do well to bring in a right back and center back. Many folks understandably want a pure CAM as well (a la Sebastian Grazzini), but if the tactics are right, the personnel exists to fill the play-making role in the middle of the park.

Realistically, look for Magee to hit the pitch for the Fire at Charlotte Eagles next Wednesday in a third-round US Open Cup match, or vs. DC United at home next Sunday, June 2nd.


P.S. – If you want a chuckle, look at the @LAGalaxy timeline on Twitter and revel in its fans losing their minds over losing Mike Magee. Heh heh heh.

6 thoughts on “More Good News: Mike Magee to Fire

  1. I really wonder how Magee felt about this trade and having to leave a championship winning team? Also, I am nowhere convinced that Rogers is a better player than Magee. If you recall Rogers was loaned out of Championship League Football and sent to the lower League 1 division. League 1 is essentially the 3rd division in England. So, having the rights kind of turned out to be a little like a lottery ticket that actually paid out. Fire Nation should be very happy about the this turn around in events because at one time the rights seemed to be worthless with the announcement of Rogers retirement. Total 180!

    • A 180 for sure. Re: Rogers as a player, time will tell in the long run. In the short run, however, his economic value goes beyond the pitch, and this was a bargaining chip the Fire used to get good value in return for his rights.

  2. Well this has turned out to be a nice surprise. Both acquisitions should be helpful and hopefully turn the club around. If these moves are any indication of Kid Kloppas’ behind the scene activities the Kid might just save his skin … for at least another season or two.

  3. y’all got the most underrated player in the league. i am a galaxy fan and huge magee fan. he is a fan fav here in la and will be missed. wish him well. for some really good reading google: #mikemageefacts

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