If We Took a Holiday…


It would be, it would be so nice.

Hi there folks.

FYI, On The Fire’s going on holiday to escape the chill for a few weeks.  

While we unwind, we’ll contemplate all the glory a revamped Chicago Fire and an underdog U.S. Men’s National Team will bring us in 2014.

We’ll also revel in fantasies of MLS clubs advancing deep into the final rounds of the Concacaf Champions League while they show los Mexicanos a thing or two about North American soccer.

Indeed, OTF dares to dream.

Thanks to all the Fire fans who stuck with us through 2013’s ups and downs. It was certainly a turbulent year, but the future looks bright.

And thanks to fans of other clubs, leagues, and the USMNT who drop by now and then to see what we’re up to.

Some important changes are in store for OTF. We’re working on a site redesign and are excited to add new contributors to the mix.

On the podcast front, look for more mayhem and guest voices on OTF Soccer Radio. We hope to bring you a new show each week next season.

Many, many thanks to all who’ve contributed to and collaborated with the site and the pod this year. OTF is your space to share your passion, opinion, insight, humor, and irreverence with fellow soccerheads who want nothing more than to grow the beautiful game in North America, and have fun while doing it.

This is how we roll.

And a heartfelt thanks to you, dear reader. On The Fire began 18 months ago on a whim. Thanks to you, it has grown beyond expectation.

See you on the flipside…



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