Postmortem: Chicago Fire (1) at San Jose Earthquakes (5)

Mike Magee in yet another middling to poor performance (Photo: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY)

Mike Magee in yet another middling-to-poor performance (Photo: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY)

OTF contributor Daniel Casey asks “Then why are your having fun for?” after a 5-1 loss to San Jose…

A postmatch should have analysis and critique, calling out the poor and highlighting the well played. I have none of that to give.

Here’s what Frank Yallop should have done after the debacle in San Jose:

If he didn’t, then fuck this team.

Let’s remember that Mike Magee once said he hates losing; he hates losing more than he likes winning, just like Brad Pitt’s Billy Beane. But obviously that’s a lie. It’s a lie because Magee and more than a few other Fire players are more interested in grousing to referees than winning a match. That’s not being glib–Chicago have three wins. Three wins out of nineteen games.

I have been patient. I have been glass half-full–that getting a point is better than no points. This Fire team isn’t ‘rebuilding,’ this team is completely out of sorts. Chicago have no idea what kind of team it is, no idea what kind of style it could or should play. The Fire are a failure of a team.

The loss to San Jose wasn’t an anomaly or one-off, it was the outcome that this team deserves. What’s worse, this is the team that we, supporters, have allowed to happen.

What winning looks like (Photo: Casey Valentine/

What winning looks like (Photo: Casey Valentine/

There was never a moment when Chicago looked like a good team, never a moment when they looked like they had even the slightest advantage. Baky Soumare proved he is the liability that I thought he would be. Lovel Palmer has played as well as can be expected, but given the system, he is set up to fail. Quincy Amarikwa has been revealed as a one-trick pony. Harry Shipp is experiencing the exhaustion that all rookies endure coming from a NCAA that fails to condition players to actually playing professional soccer at any level.

Perhaps a bad day. We all have bad days.

I’ve endured this narrative before with the Chicago Cubs. The Fire don’t want to win. The Fire don’t want to be competitive. The Fire simply want to exist, it simply wants to play to keep playing.

But you know what? I’m wrong. I’m an unemployed grouser, I’m one of those guys that Lee Elia got sick of,

“I’ll tell you one fuckin’ thing – I hope we get fuckin’ hotter than shit just to stuff it up them three thousand fuckin’ people that show up every fuckin’ day. Because if they’re the real Chicago fuckin’ fans, they can kiss my fuckin’ ass, right Downtown, and print it! They’re really, really behind you around here. My fuckin’ ass! What…what the fuck am I supposed to do? Go out there and get destroyed,and be quiet about it? For the fuckin’ nickel/dime people that show up? The motherfuckers don’t even work! That’s why they’re out at the fuckin’ game! They ought to get a fuckin’ job and find out what it’s like to go out and earn a fuckin’ living. Eighty-five percent of the fuckin’ world is working. The other fifteen come out here. A fuckin’ playground for the cocksuckers. Rip them motherfuckers! Rip those country cocksuckers, like the fuckin’ players! We’ve got guys bustin’ their fuckin’ asses and those fuckin’ people boo…and that’s the Cubs? My fuckin’ ass! They talk about the great fuckin’ support that the players get around here, I haven’t seen it this fuckin’ year!”


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OTF Contributor Daniel Casey writes about soccer among other things. Follow him on Twitter @misanthropester

3 thoughts on “Postmortem: Chicago Fire (1) at San Jose Earthquakes (5)

  1. Ahem!! This team is getting me sick. Why do I spend the hundreds of dollars I do to see the same old crap … week after frickin’ week. I hated lame excuses … the ref screwed up, a bad bounce or whatever.

    One either has pride or one doesn’t. Evidently pride is a rare commodity on this club. Maybe it’s time I stopped caring …

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  3. Great piece. This group of players, or maybe this organization is really showing it’s colors. I do not see any pride. There is no one on this side that I would not dump (except for maybe Harry) – there’s no attitude, no spunk, no “I refuse to lose” spirit.

    And I’m tired of the lame excuses as well. Come to think of it maybe we do need a revived NASL Sting franchise in town – maybe that will light a fire undersome’s arse!!

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