MLS vs Bayern: A Different Way to Look at the MLS All Star Game Win

Yup.  MLS beat Bayern.  A whole league beat one team.  So why is this such a big deal?

Yes, the MLS pulled out a very unlikely win against the World Cup-fortified Bayern Munich last night. From an outsider’s view, an “All Star” team beating some other team should not be that big of a deal… but, look at it in a different way.  A fiscal way.

Stat Hunting created this amazing infographic that breaks down MLS Player Salaries by-team, demonstrating the discrepancy of spending throughout this “parity” league. It’s visually compelling, and it gives you an idea how much more MLS “DPs” make than the rest of their peers…

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 11.55.52 AM

“Wow,” you’d say.  That’s a shit ton of money.  It is, btw.  You’d also be like, “Wow, Robert Kraft is a fucking soccer cheapskate.”  He is, btw.

Images like this give you some real perspective on how giant player salaries are getting in North America.


So now, take a look at this:

MLS and Bayern Salaries Graphed


Inspired by Stat Hunter’s amazing graphic, I went ahead and added what Bayern would look like in comparison to MLS salaries.  I looked up Bayern’s 2013 salaries, and then converted those weekly salaries into American Yearly salaries by dollar.  I then went ahead and graphed Bayern’s top 22 (whose salaries are public info) as if they were in the MLS…

While salary and talent don’t directly correlate (and we might suspect that North American talent is undervalued), this gives you a LITTLE bit of an idea how big a 2-1 MLS All Star win is against a giant like Bayern Munich.  Money-wise, the ENTIRE MLS is outmatched by a top squad like this.

Perhaps Pep should shake Caleb’s hand for pulling it off.



What do you think?

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