CONCACAF starts to focus on 2018 World Cup…in 2015

The Bermuda Football Associatoon has issued a reminder that the World Cup cycle never really ends (

The Bermuda Football Associatoon has issued a reminder that the World Cup cycle never really ends (

OTF promises analysis, insight and fluff. Austin Fido is here with some fluff…

And so the cycle begins again…

The Bermuda Football Association announced a 55-man training squad on January 4, as it starts to prepare for CONCACAF qualifying for the 2018 World Cup.

We don’t yet have official dates and formats for CONCACAF’s next World Cup qualifying cycle, but details have been leaking into the public domain for a while. Most educated guesses point to early rounds kicking off during the summer (qualifying for the 2014 World Cup started in the summer of 2011 in the region).

While fans of CONCACAF’s bigger and better nations ponder Gold Cup and Copa America as competitions to while away the time between now and 2018, spare a thought for those smaller federations for whom the journey to Russia starts now and may be abruptly curtailed before the summer of 2015.

As for Bermuda’s training squad: it’s a massive group of players, some based on the island, others playing abroad. No harm in casting the net wide. One name that catches the eye is Dante Leverock, a player described as attached to MASL’s Baltimore Blast (though he doesn’t show up on the team’s current roster).

Leverock is the cousin of Khano Smith, once of MLS – most notably New England Revolution. One wishes all the other Bermudan national team prospects well, but Leverock in particular for no better reason than his name.

He may be related to one of his country’s best-known soccer players, but Leverock shares a surname with another Bermudan sporting legend: cricketer Dwayne Leverock.

It is possible they are related, but also irrelevant – this site needs nothing more than the coincidence of their names to accept the invitation to post the video of Dwayne Leverock’s finest moment in an international cricket match.

And for providing the excuse, OTF Soccer would like to thank Dante Leverock, wish him every success with whatever team he is currently playing for, and extend the sincere hope we see him in a Bermuda shirt when CONCACAF World Cup qualifying gets under way (probably) later this year.

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