Jvlaha’s Monday Musings, Episode IV, “May the Fourth be With You”

May the “Fourth” be with you on this fine May day.

A new contributor to OTF Soccer (George George Gorecki) will be providing a game summary of the Fire’s 1-0 loss on Sunday to Sporting KC.  You can read it here:  http://otfsoccer.com/2015/05/05/tactical-notes-sporting-kansas-city-have-the-edge-over-the-fire/

In light of George’s considerable soccer acumen, I will simply offer my usual “fluff” and highlight some clever Tweets from Sunday’s frustrating loss.

Ball Watching

Yet again, the Fire’s opposing keeper played an influential part.  While Sporting KC’s keeper Tim Melia was not a true Sweeper-Keeper as ESPN announcer Taylor Twellman suggested, he had some aggressive saves.   Sean Johnson had a pretty good game but when it mattered, he was unable to channel the “Force” to keep out Paulo Nagamura’s header in the 75th minute.

If only Sean Johnson could have applied the “Force” to stop that header.

On the positive side, Sean continued to exhibit improved distribution.

Missed Calls and Miss Kicks

We all threw our hands up in dismay when referee JOSE CARLOS RIVERO failed to issue a second yellow to Seth Sinovic for grabbing David Accam’s shirt.  “Play on” and/or “advantage” does not erase a card worthy offense.  Kevin Egan said it well:

Matt Besler got away with manhandling of Jeff Larentowicz in the box towards the end of the game.  It appears that Besler has increased his strength since he filmed this bizarre video complete with undulating underwear clad “players”:

I can’t imagine any Fire player who would have moxie to expose themselves in this way.  The Fire’s own fashion maven knows to keep his clothes on:

Despite the loss, I take pride in the fact that Fire players don’t look like hillbillies and/or hipsters:

White Out – the New KC Third Kit

In case you missed it, Sporting KC wore a washed out looking white and reflective silver kit.  Tweeple were less than kind to the new kit:

I’m all for simplicity, but I’m at a loss to explain how Sporting KC thought this was a good idea.  I seriously doubt anyone consulted fashion icon and US Men’s Soccer legend Peter Vermes.

MLS: Sporting KC at New York Red Bulls

(MLS Soccer)

Even ESPN’s Taylor Twellman commented on how difficult it was for him to read the player numbers as he called the game.   Come on Sporting KC, Taylor’s had a tough life, don’t make it any harder on him:


(Section 8)

Tweet of the Week

Last week my Twitter feed was invaded by soccer people tweeting about “American Football” and #draftday.  Zzzzzz.   And on Saturday night, my feed was filled with people tweeting about boxing AND soccer.  Yes, that’s an odd combo, but truth be told, soccer isn’t always about scoring goals.  Mind-numbing defense wins games, as reflected by these tweets:

Until next week!

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