8/22/15: Fire Fans’ Action Plan


We’re expressin’ with our full capabilities…

On Saturday, August 22nd, at Toyota Park, a collaborative effort among supporters and fans will express their disappointment and discontent with the current state of Chicago Fire Soccer Club. Read on for a detailed schedule of activities and action…

There’s not much to say that hasn’t been said about the existing incompetence and failures of Chicago’s once proud, fearless, and winning club. The sale of Chicago Fire to Andrew Hauptman in 2007 began a downward spiral that is well-known and well-documented. Now, we’ve reached the nadir. It’s time for fans to show their discontent through peaceful, civil action.

If you haven’t already, you are urged to read the following posts, which will provide background and context for Saturday’s fan protest actions:

Now, on with the program…

Saturday, August 22, 2015, at Toyota Park Chicago Fire vs. Colorado Rapids

Before you leave

Whether you plan to take part in the protest actions or not, wear black to show your solidarity with all Chicago Fire supporters and fans – even if you plan to enter Toyota Park to watch the match. At some level, all fans are disappointed. Express yourself.

4:45pm – Rock Against Racism, North Lot

Rock Against Racism (RAR) is Section 8’s fourth annual celebration of the Chicago Fire Supporter Community’s diversity and tolerance. With extended sets, a special surprise guest, and planned protest actions, this RAR promises to be the biggest one yet. Here’s the lineup:

  • 4:45pm – Textures of Lions
  • 5:50pm – Old Comiskeys
  • 6:30pm – Special Guest
  • 6:45pm – The Crombies

*NOTE: By 5:30pm, while visiting the RAR concert tailgate, check in your black streamers and table rolls for the #BlackOutcf97 tifo display with match crew in the North Lot. More details below.

7:30pm – The #90MinuteTailgate

Whether holding match tickets or not, fans are urged to not enter Toyota Park. Empty seats inside and thousands of fans outside will send a powerful message. Remain in the lot(s), enjoy the food and drinks you’ve brought, and hang out with your fellow Fire fans for ninety minutes.

*NOTE: Fire fans who do not hold tickets to Saturday’s match are nonetheless asked to attend the RAR concert and the 90 Minute Tailgate. Remember, your parking fee goes to the Village of Bridgeview, not Andrew Hauptman. Village residents need all the revenue they can muster.

9:00pm – #BlackOutcf97 

The #BlackOutcf97 tifo display is 100% independently funded by supporters. If you are so inclined, please purchase black streamers or black table rolls to support the effort. As mentioned above, check in your black table rolls and black streamers with match crew at 5:30pm in the North lot.

  • If you are holding a match ticket, enter Toyota Park through Gate C (Northeast side) at 9:00pm and collect your table roll and streamers.
  • Quietly be seated in the Harlem End (Sections 116-118) and remain silent.
  • During the 85th minute, teams of two will unfurl the black table rolls.
  • Remain silent.
  • At the final whistle, throw your streamers onto the concourse in front of the section. DO NOT THROW STREAMERS ONTO THE FIELD.

*NOTE: Chicago Fire matchday operations staff have assured organizers that all fans holding a valid match ticket will be allowed entry through Gate C at 9:00pm.

General Guidelines

  • Be safe
  • Be respectful of others
  • Follow the Toyota Park ground rules as you usually do
  • Consume alcohol responsibly
  • Make your message clear and understandable
  • If you don’t succeed immediately, don’t give up

Fans are encouraged to use #90MinuteTailgate & #BlackOutcf97 to document Saturday’s activities.

Let’s come together, Fire fans. It’s time for unity. It’s time for change.




Special thanks to Brian Battle, Marty Tomszak, and Dan Martin for contributing to this post.