Who Are The Best Players & Best Values in MLS Free Agency, Re-Entry


Evaluating players is a messy thing.  With MLS’s first Free Agency class now available for purchase and MLS’s yearly Re-Entry Round 2 Draft beginning tomorrow (Thursday, 12/17), it is worth looking at who’s available… and who’s worth being available.
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Monday Musings, Episode III – Revenge of the Greek

Here is my third installment of “Monday Musings.”  As always, it’s a mix of insight, analysis and fluff.

Part I – Fired Up Friday

First off, after some notable snipping on Twitter among Fire fans, it’s a relief to see everyone happy after the Fire got its third victory of the season on a cold and blustery Friday night.  While not quite a sell out in terms actual attendance, the crowd was very loud, and truly into this match.  It has been a long time since we’ve had this type of atmosphere at Toyota Park.  Section 8 was very active and there was even stereo effect between Section 8 and Sector Latino during goal kicks.  You all know the irksome chant.  Someone did their best to translate it when Montreal’s Evan Bush was subjected to this “friendly greeting.”

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“Michael and Jermaine are in the Eastern Conference”

A look at the West, for those of us from the East (image: logoinspirations.com)

A look at the West, for those of us from the East (image: logoinspirations.com)

New OTF contributor Cory Jensen brings you a detailed look at the teams we in Fireland only have the pleasure of meeting once a year…

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The Curious Optimism of the MLS Playoffs

teddy mls

“The credit belongs not to the man in the arena, but to those who make excuses for why they aren’t in the arena because, if they were, they would have been better.” –Teddy Roosevelt (we’re pretty sure)

Whether your team was in or out, OTF’s Nick Fox ponders the importance of the MLS Playoffs…

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Sporting Kansas City and Soccer Development: an interview with David Ficklin

Sporting Park: The stadium glue that holds a franchise together (photo: turnerconstruction.com)

Sporting Park: The stadium glue that holds a successful franchise together. (photo: turnerconstruction.com)

Back in March, OTF contributor Blaize Diaz traveled west across the prairie to take in the Fire’s 0-0 draw at Sporting KC. After the match, Blaize joined Sporting Kansas City’s Vice President of Development David Ficklin in the Members’ Club to talk soccer-specific stadiums, Bridgeview, MLS growth, and doing it right in KC…

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Know Your Enemies: MLS Eastern Conference 2013

mls eastern conf old logo

(image: sportslogos.net)

After a long vacation, OTF’s resident MLS expert Stephen Mangat is back to bring you his signature look at the clubs from the East. Let the .gif parade commence!

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