Saints’ March: St Louis FC Gets Production From Locals and Loanees

Patrick Doody St Louis Football Club Soccer USL MLS

STL FC’s Patrick Doody (on loan from Chicago Fire)

Absence makes the heart grow fonder—Matthew Bird checks in on Saint Louis FC after a bye week as Chicago Fire loanees and StL locals make their mark.

Been awhile since I last updated on what’s been going on down here in sunny Saint Louis, We’ve had three games and a bye week. Bye weeks suck. I mean seriously, you don’t have professional soccer in the city for 5 years…

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Saints’ March: Stl FC Has Early Fan & Personnel Support

Saint Louis FC huddles up (via slc.fc)

Saint Louis FC huddles up. (via

As they face an early season challenge, OTF correspondent Matt Bird thinks Saint Louis FC has the personnel and the fan base to be a USL force.  Sydney Leroux agrees.

It’s been an odd few weeks of ups and downs here in St Louis. We received Patrick Doody from the Fire in time to travel to play the Tulsa Roughnecks in Tulsa on the 21st March. We also signed MLS Saint Louis native Brandon Barklage. This was quite the coup and was totally unexpected.

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