Monday Musings on a Friday

Friendly Banter Friday

Let me start out by thanking the MLS scheduling “computer” for assigning such wonderful start times for our regional rivalry with the Columbus Crew!  A 7pm start on a Friday on Memorial Weekend is sure to fill the Crew’s stadium.  The Crew returns on a Wednesday night in mid-July and the Fire returns to Columbus on the following Sunday evening.  Such wonderful start times for traveling fans of both clubs.

Recent “Derby” talk in the lead up to the NY Red Bulls and NYC FC game got me wondering about the match up between the Fire and the Crew.  Columbus is our closest rival, but it seems like MLS HQ does not think it’s worthy of publicizing.  Then again, there’s a positive out of that, MLS won’t latch on to our fans and reimage them into fans of a team which only exists on paper:

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Trash Talk Fridays: Fire at Whitecaps FC

It's hard to make fun of a place where medical bills won't bankrupt you. (photo:

It’s hard to make fun of a place where medical bills won’t bankrupt you. (photo:

This Sunday, the Fire travel to yet another place that’s part of the stupidest separatist movement in the world, except these people aren’t even a part of our country. Shall we bring them freedom? OTF’s Ricardo Ortiz explains why that’s not such a good idea…

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Trash Talk Wednesdays: Fire vs. Earthquakes

They play in a parking lot, what more do you want to know? (photo: jwikimedia commons)

Tonight the Fire host a team named after a substantially less awesome natural disaster. OTF’s Ricardo Ortiz prepared something very special for this occasion… 

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Trash Talk Fridays: Fire at Philadelphia Union

Sssseriously guysssss, what the hell issss it with you people and ssssnakesssss?

Ssssseriously guysssss, what the hell isssss it with you people and sssssnakesssss?

This weekend, the Fire travels eastward and onward to cheesy steak city. OTF’s Ricardo Ortiz has the scoop on that, as well as a good dose of theatrical trash talk. Prepare for a journey through space and time…

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Trash Talk Fridays: Fire vs. New England Revs

New England Communists doing what they do best: corrupting society and destroying private property (image: wikimedia commons)

With the advent of Saturday’s match against New England, OTF political historian and contributing writer Ricardo Ortiz provides you with fair, balanced, tongue-in-cheek trash talk to mitigate Fire Nation’s collective LA hangover…

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