“Dos a Cero”, Remember the Alamo, But Don’t Forget Your Raincoat


(via MLS.com)

True to the mission statement of OTF, my recap of last night’s United States vs. Mexico match will be a mix of analysis, insight and fluff.  I’ll mix it up by starting with some insight, followed by some fluff and a snippet of analysis.

Insight:  Is a “Friendly” Ever Friendly?

The term “friendly” is a misnomer of sorts when the term involves United State vs. Mexico.  Regardless of where played or what’s at stake, a “friendly” match between the US and Mexico can be anything but friendly. As the highlights of the pre-game show demonstrated, shoving matches and stare downs are common place…

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USMNT Roundtable: Will Jozy catch Landon?

At his recent pace, he'll hit 60 USMNT goals sometime in 2019...(101greatgoals.com)

At his recent pace, he’ll hit 60 USMNT goals sometime in 2019…(101greatgoals.com)

One aspect of USMNT that doesn’t appear to be struggling in recent games is Jozy Altidore. Can he keep it going and crown his career with Landon Donovan’s national team scoring record? The roundtable considers…
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