Monday Musings, Episode III – Revenge of the Greek

Here is my third installment of “Monday Musings.”  As always, it’s a mix of insight, analysis and fluff.

Part I – Fired Up Friday

First off, after some notable snipping on Twitter among Fire fans, it’s a relief to see everyone happy after the Fire got its third victory of the season on a cold and blustery Friday night.  While not quite a sell out in terms actual attendance, the crowd was very loud, and truly into this match.  It has been a long time since we’ve had this type of atmosphere at Toyota Park.  Section 8 was very active and there was even stereo effect between Section 8 and Sector Latino during goal kicks.  You all know the irksome chant.  Someone did their best to translate it when Montreal’s Evan Bush was subjected to this “friendly greeting.”

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Preseason Postmortem: Chicago Fire (0) vs. New England Revolution (1)


Left-to-Right: Juan Luis Anangono, Baky Soumare, Jhon Kennedy Hurtado, and Jeff Larentowicz follow a cross in (photo:

OTF contributor Daniel Casey ponders pairings after the Chicago Fire first loss of the 2014 preseason…

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Prime Your Fire Pump: Chicago vs. New England Revolution #3

Sean Johnson try to keep a clean sheet against the youthful New England attack (photo: Getty Images)

Sean Johnson and company will try to keep a clean sheet against a youthful New England attack
(photo: Getty Images)

OTF’s Jon Denham wants to see Hunter Jumper in the lineup and Total MLS’s Seth Macomber fills you in on the latest from New England…

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