Brazil 2014: Final – Argentina vs. Germany – preview

What happens if penalties can't separate 'em? The silly hat battle commences.(

What happens if penalties can’t separate ’em? The silly hat battle commences.(

Seems whenever Argentina finds a guy who might be the best player in the world, Germany pops up to mess with his destiny. Austin Fido previews Messi vs. Mannschaft…

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Daily Cup Check: Day 26

Wake up...actually, no. As you were. Smart choice. (

Wake up…actually, no. As you were. (

Whereas yesterday will be remembered forever, today’s semifinal was one we would like to forget we ever bothered with just about as soon as it was over. Argentina were once again a mess in attack, and the Dutch didn’t even bother until the 85th minute –  and only then because the Argentines forgot Robben doesn’t touch the ball with his right foot. Let’s get through this together…

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Brazil 2014: Semifinal 2 – Argentina vs. Netherlands – preview

Wait, I thought Uruguay was out? (

Wait, I thought Uruguay was out? (

Surprisingly, FIFA hasn’t stopped the tournament and declared Germany the World champions. So there’ll be a few more games. Austin Fido previews Argentina vs. Netherlands, the second semifinal… Continue reading

Brazil 2014: Semifinal 1 – Brazil vs. Germany – preview

David, is that you? (

David, is that you? (

Brazil versus Germany in a World Cup semifinal! Feel like you’ve seen this before? You haven’t – not at this stage of the tournament. Austin Fido previews the first time these teams have met in the second-to-last game of the World Cup… Continue reading

Brazil 2014: The Delicious Game – Belgium edition


Whatever happens, you’re not going hungry for USMNT vs. Belgium (Photo:

Thank you, USMNT, because the next opponent could be the most delicious yet. Alex White is here to guide you through the delights of making a meal out of a match against Belgium… Continue reading