Engine Company: America’s Hat – A Tale of Chicago’s Evil Canadian Twin

Seeing The Men in Red play at home is really just half the fun, but not all Fire fans are able to see them anywhere else. To experience the joys of an Away Game by proxy, OTF contributor Jacob Peters provides us some background on Fire supporter group history on-the-road, established rivalries, and some footnotes on how to effectively criticize, troll, and generally enjoy Fire away games. 

Sing in full voice. Hate with reason…

Toronto is kind of like an alternate reality Chicago.  One in which we didn’t tear out our Streetcars in the 50s, decided to randomly insert “u’s” into our words unnecessarily, expanded Meigs Field into a discount airline hub, and never built the elevated portions of the “L”.  It’s also an alternate reality in which the Chicago Fire built a stadium downtown adjacent to McCormick Place (this guy’s still holding onto that dream), and then we expanded it with an epic roof.


Toyota Park is nice, but this…drool

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Brazil 2014: The World Cups of CONCACAF

Uruguay 1930 semifinalist: USMNT (Photo: firsttouchonline.com)

Uruguay 1930 semifinalist: USMNT (Photo: firsttouchonline.com)

Four wins from the first seven matches played at Brazil 2014 has created a lot of buzz for CONCACAF. Best ever tournament for the region? We don’t know yet. While we wait, Austin Fido brings a little history of CONCACAF performances at the World Cup… Continue reading