@Jvlaha’s Monday Musings, Episode 1

There’s a new editor in charge of “On The Fire”, and with that, I’ve decided to step up and write a new column. Without further ado, here is the first episode of “Vlaha’s Monday Musings”.  Today’s piece comes in four parts…

Part One, “The Empire Strikes Back”, #Schedulegate


First stop on today’s installment is #Schedulegate. Fire fans are justifiably upset about recent schedule changes which apparently were going to happen whether or not the Front Office was going to go along with them.

Although I can’t say that the Fire was a team firing on all cylinders during the team’s 3-2 Ping-Pong victory against Toronto, the team looked vastly improved over recent games. As a result of this win, the Fire could have strutted into our scheduled games Foxborough Massachusetts (this Wednesday) and Montreal (this weekend) with a bit of a “we can do this” swagger…

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CCL: The Galaxy went to Costa Rica and all we got was a dumb refereeing complaint

Intra-continental club soccer is back! Who's in? (image: concacafchampions.com)

Intra-continental club soccer: Are you in? (image: concacafchampions.com)

Please welcome OTF’s new contributing writer Austin Fido as he tackles the hot-button issue in CCL that shouldn’t be

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