OTF Roundtable: What to Make of Hunter Jumper’s Chicago Fire Criticism

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If you’ve sworn off the #CF97 hashtag for the rest of the year you missed a (*ahem*) Fire Storm earlier this week when former Chicago Fire defender Hunter Jumper tweeted for HOURS about the Fire organization. Most of Jumper’s Tweets are still up if you want to track back.

If you’re looking for a straight recap with minimal commentary, Fire Confidential has captured the rant for posterity’s sake. Here’s what some OTF contributors had to say about Jumper’s damning tirade when asked…

“What’s your biggest take-away from Hunter Jumper’s Twitter Comments?”

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Prime Your Fire Pump: Chicago vs. Montreal Impact #3

If the back line shouts “Marco?!,” will he answer “Di Vaio!” to let them know where he is?
(image: chicago-fire.com)

OTF’s Jon Denham remains in Hunter Jumper’s corner while Sofiane Benzaza brings you le dossier a l’Impact…

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Prime Your Fire Pump: Chicago vs. New England Revolution #3

Sean Johnson try to keep a clean sheet against the youthful New England attack (photo: Getty Images)

Sean Johnson and company will try to keep a clean sheet against a youthful New England attack
(photo: Getty Images)

OTF’s Jon Denham wants to see Hunter Jumper in the lineup and Total MLS’s Seth Macomber fills you in on the latest from New England…

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Dispatch from a Man in the Stands: Fire vs. Santos Laguna

Pineda: the kid can play. (photo: facebook.com)

Here’s On The Fire contributing writer and roving reporter Roberto Diaz with the low-down on Saturday night’s fiesta at Toyota Park. And no, we’re not talking about Chuck’s Fest.

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Firemen in the Tweet-o-sphere: Premier Edition

GarganJohnson_1Sherjill MacDonaldheadshotAlvaro Fernandez

Ever wonder what the Fire are up to when they’re not training hard and giving it their all on the pitch? Or perhaps you’re curious about what the Men in Red deem to be thoughts worthy of sharing with the rest of us out here in cyberspace? Well, wonder no more! Their thumbs have been busy this week…

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